Getting Started

Hello and welcome to my blog. I am creating this to give me a way to think out how I am going to get my life together.

As of now my bank is negative, my diabetes meds are running low, and I have several addictions that are killing me slowly. We need to get this show started right now.

The good new is I have a job and a good place to live. My car works well and I’m not starving.

On to my goals I need to

a) get an emergency fund together so I can stop worrying about diabetes shit.

b) quit smoking (both weed and smokes), drinking soda, and playing slot machines

c) get $100K together to start my own business

d) get in shape and get my healthcare in order

So four easy goals! Should be pretty quick and painless right? That is why I have been working on them for many years and have little to show for it.

I’m hoping this blog really helps keep me on track. If I can at least update the blog everyday it will give me a feeling of accomplishment. And if I have to update the blog everyday I will need to think about this kind of stuff.

So a few blog goals. I would like to get to 10 daily readers. I don’t want to feel alone in this struggle. I would like to write 300 work posts daily until all 4 goals are completed. Once the goals are completed it will be time for me to move on to other things.

I will also create a goals page that has my main goals and then hopefully those goals split into smaller easier goals to work on.

If you would like to help me out in any way please feel free to reach out. I will answer all who contact me.

Till tomorrow when we really get things going.


Author: Stevie

I want to be a writer so here I am writing some stuff.

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